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Our first pallet was delivered to Meest on April 18th!


Some of the items it contained:

  • 83 pounds of gauze and wound dressings

  • 43 antibiotic ointments

  • 307 syringes

  • 14 IV starter kits

  • 17 IV connectors

  • 146 suture packs

  • 16 tactical backpacks

  • 10 tourniquets

  • 1 drone

  • > 300 surgical gowns, scrubs, shoe covers, drapes, etc. 

  • 1 bactericidal lamp 

  • scalpels, hemostats, and more! 

The first pallet contained multiple high priority items, including a portable ultrasound.

With portable ultrasounds being a high priority item in Ukraine, we are so glad we were able to get one directly to Razom for them to send to Ukraine! 

Other high priority items, in addition to portable ultrasounds, that we are looking for are hospital grade wound vac machines for wound care and tonometers, which help assess glaucoma risk. Contact us if you have access to these items.




We are still getting donations for a second shipment!

Some other donations we've received after shipping out our first pallet include a whole box of sutures and a box of catheters, syringes, and laceration trays.


These include donations from the Affiliates in OB/Gyn Clinic, People's Health & Wellness Clinic, and even from Plattsburg from Dr. William N. Pelton's office. 

Entire box of sutures 

Medical supplies

Box of catheters,

syringes, and laceration trays 

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